Wednesday, February 20

Pre-Forum Seminars

Your Launch Pad for Success

Understanding and adhering to sound fundamentals is key to success in any discipline. If you’re new to Passive Self-Ligation or Digital Orthodontics, the optional one-day Damon™ and Insignia™ Pre-Forums offer a comprehensive blueprint for success.

Dr. Michael Bicknell

Dr. Michael Bicknell

Damon™ Essentials Seminar*

This optional one-day seminar will provide a detailed protocol for using the Damon Passive Self-Ligation Bracket System. The day will begin with an overview of case setup, treatment sequencing, and finishing with a focus on aesthetics and the creation of beautiful smiles. A step-wise progression will be used to illustrate approaches for a wide variety of commonly encountered cases. A series of complex cases with adjunctive treatment modalities such as Herbst treatment for class II correction, Vector TAS, and soft tissue recontouring will also be explored. Moving beyond the fundamentals, Dr. Bicknell will then break down how to create a culture of excellence by combining leadership, treatment efficiencies, a digital retention protocol for enhanced workflow, and more to provide for fantastic patient experiences. Ultimately, you will learn both the fundamentals of the Damon System and key aspects of developing a strategy on how to differentiate your practice to be the practice of choice in today’s ever-changing competitive marketplace.

Highlighted Topics Include:
  • Esthetic based treatment planning and comprehensive case management for world-class smiles
  • Case Mechanics and Treatment sequencing—Beginning to end case set-up, bracket selection and positioning, wire sequencing and finishing for cases from the simple to complex including those requiring adjunctive treatments
  • Digital Retention Protocol for efficiency, cost reduction, and an enhanced patient experience
  • Establishing your vision and using value-based leadership to create a passionate culture and cohesive team
  • Developing a pathway to Excellence and how to improve systems for more predictable amazing outcomes

Dr. James Miller

Dr. James Miller

Insignia™ Academy*

Integrating today’s digital tools with your treatment methods can reduce clinical inefficiencies and introduce a new level of differentiation in today’s competitive environment. This one-day seminar provides you and your team a comprehensive Insignia integration strategy that ensures success at each step of the onboarding experience. Leveraging the shared knowledge of Dr. Miller and the Ormco Digital Team, this immersive learning experience provides participants with the skills and confidence to begin efficiently and effectively treating cases with Insignia.

The course will focus on five main areas:
  1. Introduction to Insignia and a behind the scenes look at each step in the creation of customized appliances
  2. Comprehensive hands-on Approver software learning—including navigation tips and a repeatable, systematic approach for reviewing cases
  3. Hands-on Insignia bonding training
  4. In-office implementation & patient marketing resources
  5. Why digital orthodontics provides clinical excellence

*Additional fee applies to the optional Pre-Forums. Insignia Academy does not qualify for continuing education credits.